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So I spent Valentine's Day on the Love Equally march in Edinburgh, which was lovely and positive and made me feel very good about my tiny little country and its priorities. We got civil partnership before the rest of the UK, and now the Scottish Executive is basically just looking for approval to let everyone choose between marriage and civil partnership regardless of gender (and that's without even mentioning letting transgendered people transition without affecting their marital status).

Also, a brilliant side-effect of having a massive leftie as this years' University President is all the free transport to marches and demonstrations. I feel like a very productive citizen. :D
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The weather has gotten all dull and gross again. Boo.

Last week was so gorgeously springy, which was nice - especially since it was ~Student Election Week~. The town I live in is absolutely tiny: about half of the population is made up of students, and the student body is about 6,500 people strong at MOST, so.

With universities in big cities, you have a lot out there already. There are clubs and groups and, idk, sports centres and knitting circles and whatever. But St Andrews is a Quaint Scottish Tourist Town with ruins and golf. Anything that happens here is student run out of necessity.

WHICH IS AWESOME. Seriously, seriously awesome. There are balls and ceilidhs and masquarades and dance nights and, you know, everything that you expect from university social life compressed into a 12-week blocks in this tiny little place. Take student theatre. As far as I'm aware, with most universities, you'll have a drama group or two, maybe a musical theatre group and a film group, and they'll put on a good couple of things a term. Here there's not a drama group but a drama fund: anybody can go to the committee with a proposal, get a couple of thousand pounds and a few nights at the studio theatre to run whatever you like. The commercial theatre is too expensive and there's only one cinema, so it works out really well for everyone.

So there is a looot of organisation involved, which means student government is fairly important - moreso than in cities, at least, where you can just turn up to raves or clubs or shows or concerts run by... well, the people who run that kind of stuff In The Real World.

This means election week here is INSANE. Campaign stunts and special events and people running around in weird costumes. Every house on the three streets that make up ~the centre of town~ will have huge banners drawn on bedsheets or tablecloths or pillowcases hanging from the windows. Trying to get into the library or the Union on election day is fucking terrifying, as people crowd around the doors screaming at you and trying to get you to take the leaflet/flyer/free cookie/complementary organge that will obviously sway you into voting Holmes for Charities and Development Officer, or wtfever.

If only people could be that enthusiastic about real elections.
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Hello, new people! :D

A bit of an introduction, I guess. )

Anyway. That covers... not most of it, but a fair bit. My journal is pretty empty, but I'm making a concentrated effort to change that: I spend too much time on the internet not to do something at least quasi-productive.

Your turn! :D?


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