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So, in my attempts to become someone who actually acts like a human being sometimes (instead of sitting up until 5am reading whatshouldwecallme and Sex Diaries, I did my bank-related chores and turned up to Amadeus rehearsals half an hour early to prepare.

I sat in the cafe of the Arts Centre we were rehearsing in, ordered an apple juice (because I am a grown-up) and made notes. When nobody had turned up five minutes before we were set to begin, I started to wonder what was going on.

ME: Hi, have the Amadeus cast gone through to the studio already?
RECEPTION LADY: Amadeus cast? Not that I know - we actually don't have anyone booked in the studio at all today...
ME: *heart stops*

The problem is, this happens to me. Frequently. Like the time I brought L to see a friend's production of The Hired Man a week before it went up. Or the time *cough*last Sunday*cough* I mistook 'rehearsals run until half four' with 'rehearsals start at half four. I started having palpitations about the possibility of having to run to the closest useful bus stop (15 minutes away) to our other rehearsal venue, all the while babbling to the director --

-- when she stepped through the front door. THANK GOODNESS.
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2012 has been a really mixed bag. The first half was great; the second was pretty awful, picking up a little at the end. (OH YES A JOB THAT'S RIGHT.)

I did quite a few things I'd never done before. I got a bucket of water poured over my head, swam in the North Sea at night, swam in the North Sea at dawn, did a sponsored swim, hit a softball, drove a sitting lawn mower, rode in the back of a pick-up truck, went to a Blues night, used a chainsaw, went fishing, played golf, saw a bald eagle, snuck into 1st class train compartment, re-furnished my house.

I turned 25. My girlfriend moved in with me - I mean, we met by being housemates, we've lived together as long as we've known one another. But this is my honest-to-goodness house that I own and we're the only two people who live in it. We have a study and a guest room. I love it. I thought I loved living with housemates, but I think I might like this even better.

I visited Spain, Poland, and the USA. I also went to Cambridge, which I'd never done before! I mad a real effort at university - if I'd worked a bit harder in third year I might have been able to swing a First, but I'm pretty happy with my 2:1, and the effort I put in in fourth year.

The visa stuff is still terrifying. I hate having my future so totally out of my own hands.

I miss St Andrews in a big way. It's just so pretty, and I miss being able to just walk down the road to the sea, or to some ruins or a museum. I miss having essay crises, and I miss being in five shows at once. I miss being the only people poor enough not to leave during the holidays, and L and I having the whole town to ourselves. And of course, living in such a tiny place forces you to make such strong bonds with people from all over the world - and now they're back all over the world. It's nice having people to stay on the odd weekend but not really the same.

This is the first year since L and I met that neither of us suffered a family bereavement. That was nice.

I basically loved every single single place we visited with the pooooooossible exception of Warsaw, but that could be because we only spent two days there. Madrid - awesome. Chicago - incredible. Krakow - stunning. Caseres, Cordoba, Lodz, L's Hometown - I want to visit all of them again. We won't be able to leave the UK for six months once the visa app is in, but hopefully we'll visit more of the UK - I've never actually been to Wales or Ireland at all, and I don't know the Highlands or Islands well at all. And there's always England.

So lots of achievements and lots of growing up. Here's to everyone having a great 2013!
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Oh man. It's been a while.

We started rehearsing for a show - Godspell - last Monday. A week of 10am-10pm rehearsals later and we have the whole thing down, songs, instruments, and dances included. It goes up a week tomorrow, at the Edinburgh Fringe, for almost a month.

If L wasn't spending the summer travelling and having Foreign Adventures, I could easily say that I've never been happier. I get to sing! and act! and even dance! aaaaall day long. The people in my cast are lovely. I spend the snatches of free time I have writing letters and reading and learning Hebrew.

When I'm not going over dances, that is. I'm NOT a natural dancer - but it turns out I enjoy it quite a bit anyway! We have several cast members who are actual dancers, so the non-dancers haven't been put in to that many songs; but of all the songs I have been put into, I haven't had to be culled from any of them! And many people have. So I'm not as completely hopeless as I thought. :D?

It's a slightly strange experience for me in some ways. I did Godspell once before, when I was fifteen and my mum was getting into the last stages of her illness. It led to one of my periodic but brief attempts to become a Good Catholic Girl. This time... the parts that provoked that *___* reaction that had me dipping my toe in Mass again still affect me, but the rest of the show is now quite alienating. (Which works quite well I guess since I'm playing Judas. SO CLOSE TO MY LIFE'S DREAM OF PLAYING JUDAS IN JCSS, SO DAMN CLOSE YOU GUYS.) It reminds me of something L once said: she asked me to come with her to church, since 'at least they talk about God SOME of the time'.

Also, somehow I did not anticipate that playing a dude who betrays someone important to him, in front of a group of his horrified closest friends, would be a little - upsetting.
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OW GOD MY FEET. The town has gone mad over Golfing Event so I have spent 11 hours (+ 9 or so yesterday) running around after drunk golf fans wearing the worst shoes ever.

Golf fans are all completely mental. It's not just that their sport is insanely dull. It's that they're all so determined to waste insane amounts of money on it. The ~holiday apartments~ L. works at? People are spending £1900 to stay there for five days. Admission to the event itself for five days? £240. Admission into the hospitality marquee I was working? £200. That's admission only. Once they were in there they still had to pay money for their drinks and their food.

Golf fans are willing to pay over two hundred pounds to get onto the the site of their events and then spend a further two hundred pounds to sit inside and watch the same even on Sky Sports. What is wrong with these people.

Anyway. Working a shit temporary job I don't care about was weirdly liberating. I wandered around playing games, like pretending to be a spy and trying to gather information about particular customers, or making up ridiculous answers to questions customers asked me, or stealing delicious but overpriced muffins from the counter. I also accidentally pulled a panic button and then ran out of the building, re-entering from a different door so that no one would suspect me. Um.

Of course I also had to deal with sleazy drunk old men and intensely uncomfortable shoes, but at the end of the day it's an extra £100 in my pocket. And the golfing is FINISHED now, which means these mad old rich people will finally GO THE HELL HOME.
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What a lovely day! :D I am just wonderfully happy.

1. It is the last day of the Easter holidays! This means that everyone is back in town.

2. The weather is absolutely gorgeous.

3. I spent the morning making lasagne! The last time I attempted making actual food was at the end of November. I don't know if it'll be any good but my woman and I had an awesome time making it anyway.

4. Free cakes in the facilities room! Another consequence of everyone coming home.

5. Frozen grapes at Academic Sister-in-Law's place earlier!

6. Delivering free cakes to friends who've been on long plane journeys today!

7. Party tonight.

8. Classes tomorrow! I like classes, okay.
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So, it is the Easter holidays, and I just got back from a week-long jaunt through a TINY FRACTION of the hundred million awesome free things you can do in London. It was essentially museumarama. Well, museums and churches. AWESOME.

We stayed with my uncles in St Albans. One of my uncles was a masterchef contestant and made us up little tarts and quiches to take into town with us so that all we had to pay for was transport. HOW SWEET IS MY FAMILY. There were two occasions on which money changed hands: one totally worth it, and one which makes me kind of sick to my stomach. We spent a tenner to explore St Paul's Cathedral - we climbed right up to the Golden Gallery, which it turns out is 280 feet up, can only be accessed by twisty metal steps you can see though, and is OUTSIDE. So you wind up clinging desperately to the side of one of the most famous cathedrals in the world hoping to god your glasses don't get torn off your face by the wind and wishing you didn't have to climb all the way down.

The other payment was £6 be locked into a 'comedy club' and have horrendous 'stand-ups' talk about rape to the ten whole people they'd managed to lure into their basement lair. I'm not joking. There were four comedians and one - umpire? Guy-who-introduces the others? - and all but one of them told jokes about rape and domestic abuse. Collectively they got about three laughs the entire night but none of them thought to KNOCK IT OFF FOR FUCK'S SAKE. Urgh urgh urgh I don't even want to write about it any more, it was awful. We thought we were going to die.

Apart from that, though, the whole week was excellent.

The biggest surprise was really enjoying the art galleries. Art just isn't something I ever seemed to gel with. The old stuff is all pictures of saints crying or ponds at sunset and the new stuff is all molds of people's faces cast with their own blood and kept frozen with a special machine. (Okay, that one is kind of cool.) But my girlfriend isn't as profoundly ignorant as I am* so, you know, turns out a lot of the boring old stuff actually have sort of cool stories behind them. Also, I've become a fan of St Jerome's bitchin' red hat. (Google isn't. I can find any awesome pictures of it. Sadness reigns.)

Then there was the Wellcome Museum which we'd never heard of, with an exhibit on personal identity (mostly to do with gender and science) and another on the history of science; carvings from Assyria in the British museum; the dinosaurs at the Natural History Museum (for this one, we met up with an aunt-and-uncle and their kids: the three year old did pretty well with the ANIMATRONIC T-REX which I have seen a hundred times and will always find awesome); How Formula One Racing Will Save the World at the Science museum and supermodel!Jesus at St Martin's in the Field.

I don't doubt that people get sick of it, but God. I need to live in London someday.

* One: History in Scottish schools should be subtitled The Triumph of the Welfare State. Two: I did not go to a good school. I was taught about the extension of suffrage and a bit about Beveridge's Five Giants and that's about it. The closest we got to world history was the Weimar Republic, over and over and over again. Three: I try to read a lot, but honestly, most of it goes... well, not in one ear and out the other since you read with your eyes, but something along those lines. It doesn't lead to the most well-rounded understanding of the world.
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The weather has gotten all dull and gross again. Boo.

Last week was so gorgeously springy, which was nice - especially since it was ~Student Election Week~. The town I live in is absolutely tiny: about half of the population is made up of students, and the student body is about 6,500 people strong at MOST, so.

With universities in big cities, you have a lot out there already. There are clubs and groups and, idk, sports centres and knitting circles and whatever. But St Andrews is a Quaint Scottish Tourist Town with ruins and golf. Anything that happens here is student run out of necessity.

WHICH IS AWESOME. Seriously, seriously awesome. There are balls and ceilidhs and masquarades and dance nights and, you know, everything that you expect from university social life compressed into a 12-week blocks in this tiny little place. Take student theatre. As far as I'm aware, with most universities, you'll have a drama group or two, maybe a musical theatre group and a film group, and they'll put on a good couple of things a term. Here there's not a drama group but a drama fund: anybody can go to the committee with a proposal, get a couple of thousand pounds and a few nights at the studio theatre to run whatever you like. The commercial theatre is too expensive and there's only one cinema, so it works out really well for everyone.

So there is a looot of organisation involved, which means student government is fairly important - moreso than in cities, at least, where you can just turn up to raves or clubs or shows or concerts run by... well, the people who run that kind of stuff In The Real World.

This means election week here is INSANE. Campaign stunts and special events and people running around in weird costumes. Every house on the three streets that make up ~the centre of town~ will have huge banners drawn on bedsheets or tablecloths or pillowcases hanging from the windows. Trying to get into the library or the Union on election day is fucking terrifying, as people crowd around the doors screaming at you and trying to get you to take the leaflet/flyer/free cookie/complementary organge that will obviously sway you into voting Holmes for Charities and Development Officer, or wtfever.

If only people could be that enthusiastic about real elections.
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Hello, new people! :D

A bit of an introduction, I guess. )

Anyway. That covers... not most of it, but a fair bit. My journal is pretty empty, but I'm making a concentrated effort to change that: I spend too much time on the internet not to do something at least quasi-productive.

Your turn! :D?


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