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... thinking lots about Kana, AKA Gran-Gran. And I have reached the conclusion that I WANT ALL THE FIC IN THE WORLD ABOUT KANA'S JOURNEY FROM THE NORTH TO SOUTH POLE.

Kana-centric spoilers from the end of S1 and S3 )
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So I love love love the version of The Threepenny Opera I have. It's a 'relentlessly modern' translation set in a future 2001, in the run up to Prince William's coronation (this was 1994, bear in mind).

I can only think of Mac the Knife the way my friend Graham played him: runty and sleazy and creepy and weasley and absolutely terrifying. (The guy is a terrific actor, being absolutely none of the above himself.) And although they have completely different accents, the voice of the actor on my CD fits perfectly to my idea of How Mac Should Be. (Oddly enough, the Polly has my exact same accent.) And I've known for a while, vaguely, that the actor's name was Tom Hollander - but just now I realised, HOLY CRAP THE GUY PLAYING MAC IS TOM HOLLANDER

Like, Mr Collins from the new Pride and Prejudice. The evil Navy dude from Pirates of the Carribean. The drunk, bitter one from The Cambridge Spies. And just - yes.

BRB listening to the Knocking Shop Tango over and over and over and over
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I love Dante Basco. I've only seen him in three things - Hook, in which I fell madly in love, Avatar: the Last Airbender, and But I'm A Cheerleader!, a nice wee film about kids at de-gaying camp. Also, he's written about the whitewashing in The Last Airbender.

Basically, all I want to do right now is chant RUFIO! RUFIO! and watch him angstily set fire to things while rescuing gay teenagers. No one can convince me that the ~real~ Dante Basco doesn't do these things.

Also, I'm writing!

I actually suck quite badly at writing. And plotting. But I'm doing it anyway, because I like it, and the more I come up with Things That Almost Resemble Plot the more excited I get. And I think stories are important. I want to write a story that says that sometimes people can really believe that they are your friends when they're not. I want to write a story where the mentor isn't omnipotent and unavailable and kind of useless. I want a story where some people are important to you just because, but others really aren't. (Is it obvious I've just broken off a pretty toxic friendship? Oh well.)

Also? I want a story with teenage girls saving the world.

So I guess it's time to put my head down.
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I'm generally quite content with my capitalist false consciousness and pretend freedom, so I think my general approval of Marx is because it puts me in mind of my favourite ever book ever. Ursula Le Guin I love you so much. The library does not have The Dispossessed but a neighbour does; for now I will settle for reading your essays and literary criticism because I LOVE YOU THAT MUCH.

In other news, I finally got my MP3 player working! \o/ But it won't play things that I've ripped from Youtube, ie, almost my entire playlist. So lots of Threepenny Opera. 3PO is something else I love a lot, so today has been a good day :D
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Hello, new people! :D

A bit of an introduction, I guess. )

Anyway. That covers... not most of it, but a fair bit. My journal is pretty empty, but I'm making a concentrated effort to change that: I spend too much time on the internet not to do something at least quasi-productive.

Your turn! :D?


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