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OW GOD MY FEET. The town has gone mad over Golfing Event so I have spent 11 hours (+ 9 or so yesterday) running around after drunk golf fans wearing the worst shoes ever.

Golf fans are all completely mental. It's not just that their sport is insanely dull. It's that they're all so determined to waste insane amounts of money on it. The ~holiday apartments~ L. works at? People are spending £1900 to stay there for five days. Admission to the event itself for five days? £240. Admission into the hospitality marquee I was working? £200. That's admission only. Once they were in there they still had to pay money for their drinks and their food.

Golf fans are willing to pay over two hundred pounds to get onto the the site of their events and then spend a further two hundred pounds to sit inside and watch the same even on Sky Sports. What is wrong with these people.

Anyway. Working a shit temporary job I don't care about was weirdly liberating. I wandered around playing games, like pretending to be a spy and trying to gather information about particular customers, or making up ridiculous answers to questions customers asked me, or stealing delicious but overpriced muffins from the counter. I also accidentally pulled a panic button and then ran out of the building, re-entering from a different door so that no one would suspect me. Um.

Of course I also had to deal with sleazy drunk old men and intensely uncomfortable shoes, but at the end of the day it's an extra £100 in my pocket. And the golfing is FINISHED now, which means these mad old rich people will finally GO THE HELL HOME.
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1. The weather has gotten awful just in time for the Insane Golfing Event and the thousands of tourists. I'm probably a terrible person but it makes me laugh a little.

2. In just under a month L and I will be moving into our new place! During term time there will be nine of us living there, and we've arranged to house various friends during the summer months (including L's mum, over for a holiday from the States). But we will be living in a PERSON-SIZED ROOM with, get this, a double bed. My spine will love me again.

3. I started doing background reading for my classes. They're classes that don't start until October, true, but all the fear-mongering about the uselessness of non-first degrees has gotten to me.

My philosophy class sounds AWFUL. I know I should take it now and get it over with, especially since the only other class I'll be taking next semester will be International Law and I am certain it will make up for the suck, but Jesus. Some sample exam questions:

Can the same object exist at different times?

Are meanings in the head?

Are objects bundles of tropes?

These questions fill me with despair and rage. When will I be allowed to do ethics again :(
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So I am now a fundraising volunteer for MacMillan Cancer Support! We're currently trying to raise £450,000 for the local area.

Luckily, in the next week or two my town will be FLOODED with rich English and Americans going completely mad about golf. GOLF GOLF GOLF is all you hear about these days. It is a little distressing. Unless you happen to be trying to raise interest in golf-related fundraising events, in which case it sounds a little hopeful. On average, one group of four golfers taking part in one of these fundraisers make about £1000 between them. Getting even a couple of people interested would make a huge dent in the local appeal.

So, most of the day has been spent figuring out where rich golfers might be hanging out and trying to convince people to put up posters or have little stacks of leaflets about these things around. So far I have mostly been targeting a) pubs and b) golf shops, both of which I feel are good bets. There are a few places - a deli here, a cafe there - that are constantly covered in community posters, so I went in to one to ask if they'd like to display one.

"Yeah, sure!" The guy said "We put up just about everything. What's it for?"

All day I kept almost saying 'Cancer Research UK', and having to correct myself. So in this case, I wound up replying:

"Cancer -" And pausing. For slightly too long.

The guy behind me burst out laughing. "Fuck yeah, cancer!"

Whoops. But at least I got the poster up!


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