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Wow. What a crashingly horrible six months. The quickest summary I can come up with would be as follows: I have NOT moved to London, I have NOT found a proper grown-up job (or any job at all), and we are NOT going to manage to secure L a visa. I wasn't expecting things to be easy in this economy, but Jesus.

The end result has been me sort of flailing about moronically, and somehow managing to get next to nothing achieved since graduating.

It also makes it really, really difficult to make any kind of concrete plans. To be honest, my intention on moving back to Hometown was this: get a shitty part-time job and do a bunch of volunteering, interning and classes in the meantime. But that was when the financial requirement for the partner of someone applying to stay in the country was £13,500. Now it's significantly more.

As a result I feel guilty if I'm doing anything other than filling out job applications, and I haven't liked to commit myself to too much unpaid work, because oh my god my partner is going to be forced out of her job and kicked out of the country because of me.

It's hard, and it makes it genuinely difficult to do anything. I've finally decided to apply for a couple of volunteering jobs, and also an internship, because if I'm not qualified for a job at The Money Shop then I'm not going to get more qualified for it sitting here having a panic attack.
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